Karate Achivements Shihan Ramón Bustinduy Black belt 7th Dan

He started his studies in Martial Arts in 1969 in Lyon (France) and later, in 1977, he began his teaching in Karate Kyokushinkai. In his career as a Master of Kyokushin he has forged 65 Black Belts, seven of which run their own Dojos; He was the Founder of the "Junior" Club, holding 14 events for Kumite, Kata and Ippon Kumite. As a Kyokushin Coach, he has had the privilege of training and training 55 national and international champions. He has been a specialist in exhibitions since 1979 and has performed numerous performances with his group "Club" Junior, among them are: the 1st Championship of Spain Kyokushinkai K.O. (1981), the 1st Kyokushinkai Catalonia Championship, the Kyokushinkai European Championship K.O. (1985) that was celebrated in Barcelona, with the presence of the Founder and Grand Master Matsutasu Oyama, galas of Martial Arts in television, cinema, theaters, etc

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